Boat Accidents

Which state has the highest number of boating accidents?

Florida has the highest number of recreational boating accidents.

Boaters who are involved in an accident with another vessel must immediately stop the vessel and help injured persons or others in need. The boater who is operating the vessel may be required to submit a written report on the accident.

The law requires that the operator of a recreational boat involved in an accident must file a Boat Accident Report.

It is possible to lose your life in a boating accident?

Reports must be filed within 48 hours if there has been an injury, death, or disappearance. Other accidents reports must be submitted within 10 working days. The owner of the vessel will be responsible if the operator fails to submit a report.

What is the cause of 40% boating fatalities?

Most boating-related fatalities and incidents are due to: Not wearing a PFD or lifejacket. Falling overboard. Capsizing, swamping or sinking, or running on the ground.

How many boating accidents are caused by faulty equipment?

The problem with faulty equipment on boats has been a factor in 4% of boating-related deaths and 8% of boating accidents reported over the past few years.

What are the leading causes of boat accidents?

The leading cause of fatal boating accidents is alcohol consumption. ... Inattention of operators, inexperienced operators, operator inattention, poor lookout, operator inexperience, excessive speeds, and alcohol are the most common causes of accidents.

What was the danger to the boat's safety?

Operators must be alert for warning signs of danger due to the unpredictable nature of wind, weather, or water. Boating accidents are most often caused by operator distraction and inattention. Another factor that contributed to accidents was inattention.

Contact a Boat Accident Lawyer

Our boating accident lawyers have represented thousands of victims in boat accidents. Through years of experience, we have learned that boat operators are often negligent or careless in causing injuries and deaths. We are happy to evaluate your case and help you determine the cause of your boating accident. All of our victims of boating accidents receive free consultations. We don't charge a fee unless you win.

Boat Propeller Accidents

How many people are killed each year by propellers on boats?

According to U.S. Coast Guard safety reports, between 28 and 47 Americans are killed each year by accidents caused by boat motors or propellers.

How many boating accidents involve propellers?

These activities are responsible for 7,000 accidents reported, 60% of which cause injuries. 19.3% are fatal (11.3 percent of accidents). 18% of these fatalities (2% of all accidents) are due to propellers. Boating accidents are second in the list of deaths from all modes.

Source: NIH

Pontoon Boat Accidents

Can you drown in a Pontoon Boat?

60-80% of all deaths involving pontoon boats are due to drowning in water. This despite the fact that life jackets are the most popular among boaters. Between 2010 and 2020, 11,655 personal watercraft incidents have occurred. This is almost three times the number of pontoon boat accident deaths.

Duck Boat Accidents

How many people have been killed by duck boats?

According to the N.T.S.B there were 37 deaths and 104 injuries in six accidents involving duck boats in the United States. These boats are very popular in places like Boston and Seattle. The Stretch Duck 7 sank, killing 17 people including nine members of the same household and five children.

Are duck boats safe?

These amphibious military vehicles, also known as "duck boats", have been transporting tourists along the streets and waterways of cities across the globe, from Berlin to Boston since 1946. These aging pieces ex-military hardware has lost its safety reputation over the past two decades.

Boat Launching Accidents

Why are boat ramps so ineffective?

Too much weight can cause your vehicle to slip down the ramp. The capacity sticker, which is often located inside your door, can be used to check the vehicle's tow weight. You can also contact the manufacturer.

Jet Boat Accidents

Is Jet boating safe?

Many states prohibit maneuvers and stunts at the head of approaching vessels within 650 ft. or less. This includes vessels within 200 ft. of vessels to port and starboard, as well as vessels 200 ft. from the Thunder Jet boat. These are safety concerns that we fully support and adhere to.

Tug Boat Accidents

Is a Tugboat safe?

Crews can become entangled in winch wires and towing equipment, which can cause a trip hazard. There is plenty of room on the tugboat deck for slippage, heavy lifting, crushing injuries and falling overboard. These conditions present a high risk of injury or death.

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